Atlantic Ocean Shark attacks

41 attacks recorded (13 fatal)
Atlantic Ocean shark attacks
Date Region Location Fatal?
Feb 15th 2015 N
300 miles from Antigua N
Jan 23rd 2006 800 miles from land N
Dec 20th 2005 600 nm west of the Canary Islands N
Florida Straits Y
Onboard swordfish trawler N
Dec 22nd 1963 Between Southampton & Canary Islands N
Nov 1st 1962 Off Bermuda N
Sep 13th 1962 Off coast of West Africa Off the passenger liner Stirling Castle Y
Sep 23rd 1961 165 miles from Bermuda N
Jan 6th 1961 9.35N 79.35W East of La Grande Island, North of Panama Canal N
Apr 14th 1960 33N, 68W Royal Canadian Navy CS2F-1 aircraft ditched in the sea 180 nautical miles WNW of Bermuda at 01h30 N
In the Gulf Stream Between Bimini & Miami N
May 1st 1959 Between England & South Africa N
Nov 28th 2022 N
Jun 20th 1956 Venezuelan aircraft lost Y
Aug 1st 1955 Open sea N
Oct 5th 1951 South Carolina 400 miles off the le N
Sep 15th 1948 Bound from New York to London in ballast Y
Sep 30th 1942 04.05N-13.23W N
Sep 12th 1942 360 miles north of Ascension Island N
Dec 7th 1941 N
Nov 27th 1941 Off Libya N
Nov 27th 1941 Off Libya N
Nov 25th 1941 North of Pernambuco, Brazil N
Mar 24th 1941 750 miles off the African coast N
Jan 29th 1941 In Convoy OB 274 Off Sierra Leone N
Jan 1st 1941 Y
Nov 12th 1928 200 miles off Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA Y
Apr 22nd 1926 South of the Equator Steamship bound from Cape Town to Philadelphia N
Jul 15th 1917 Off IRELAND 82 miles from Fastnet Y
Nov 28th 1910 Georges Bank N
Dec 15th 1892 Y
Aug 17th 1885 Y
Sep 2nd 1878 Off the coast of West Africa N
Sep 2nd 1878 Off the coast of West Africa Y
Off the coast of South America N

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