Greece Shark attacks

18 attacks recorded (10 fatal)
Greece shark attacks
Date Region Location Fatal?
Dec 28th 2014 33 nautical miles off Othonoi Island N
Dec 30th 1983 Andikira Fokithes Antikyra N
Pagasitikos Gulf N
Aug 12th 1980 Island of Kos N
Jun 1st 1963 Thessaly near Trikerion Island Y
Aug 12th 2022 Corfu Island K Y
Aug 17th 1951 Corfu Island Off Royal Residence N
Aug 17th 1951 Corfu Island Off Royal Residence Y
Piraeus, Athens Y
Sep 22nd 1948 Keratsini Y
Corfu N
Jul 19th 1847 Corfu Off the harbor wall at Mandrakina Y
Piraeus In the haven of Cantharus Y
Off Thessaly N
Dodecanese Islands Near Symi Island Y
Island of Volos Eastern shore Y
Dodecanese Islands Symi Island N

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  • Off Royal Residence (2)

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  • April (2)
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