Hong Kong Shark attacks

24 attacks recorded (16 fatal)
Hong Kong shark attacks
Date Region Location Fatal?
Jun 13th 1995 Clearwater Bay First Beach Y
Jun 2nd 1995 New Territories Sheung Sze Wan Beach, Clearwater Bay Y
May 31st 1995 New Territories Sai Kung Beach Y
Jun 11th 1993 New Territories Silverstrand Y
Jun 1st 1993 New Territories Sheung Sz Wan Y
On the Kowloon penisula, south of Sai Kung Silverstrand N
Jun 29th 1991 Basalt Island, 9km from Silverstrand Y
Jun 28th 1991 Kowloon Peninsula Sai Kung Y
Jun 7th 1991 Port Shelter Silverstrand Beach, near Hung Hau Y
Aug 28th 1979 Y
Aug 26th 1979 Ho Ha Wan Marine Park Y
Sep 17th 1976 South China Sea 200 miles from Hong Kong Y
Aug 4th 1975 Mirs Bay N
Aug 23rd 1974 Mirs Bay N
Aug 16th 1974 Mirs Bay Y
Aug 16th 1974 Mirs Bay N
Aug 16th 1974 Mirs Bay N
Mirs Bay Y
Jun 13th 1973 N
Mirs Bay N
Sep 15th 1954 Junk Bay Y
Jun 1st 1954 Y
Sep 24th 1945 Tweed Beach Y

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Attacks by location

  • Silverstrand (2)

Attacks by month

  • May (2)
  • June (9)
  • August (7)
  • September (4)
  • November (1)