Vanuatu Shark attacks

15 attacks recorded (9 fatal)
Vanuatu shark attacks
Date Region Location Fatal?
Jun 22nd 2005 Malampa Province Atchin Island off Malakula Y
Nov 11th 2004 Malampa Province Malakula (Malakula Island) N
Aniwa Island N
Jun 19th 1992 Malekula Island Port Sandwich N
Apr 1st 1987 Malampa Province Vao Island Y
May 19th 1985 Malekula Port Sandwich Bay, Lamap Y
Jun 3rd 1984 Off Malekula Atchin Island Y
May 19th 1983 Malakula Off the beach opposite Atchin Island Y
May 19th 1978 Ambrym Ranon Y
May 19th 1965 Island of Paam'a Y
Oct 1st 1961 Lelepa Island N
Nov 13th 1942 North of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands while enroute to Vanuatu N
Espiritu Santo Island Bay of Yago Y
Malakula Y
Malakula Hokai N

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