Bahamas Shark attacks

Bahamas shark attack data

131 attacks recorded (14 fatal)
Bahamas shark attacks
Date Region Location Fatal?
Jan 15th 2024 Paradise Island Mayan Temple, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort N
Dec 4th 2023 New Providence Sandals Resort Y
Nov 21st 2023 Grand Bahama Island Tiger Beach Y
Aug 21st 2023 New Providence Saunders Beach, Nassau N
Jun 7th 2023 Grand Bahama Island Shark Junction, Freeport N
May 24th 2023 Lucayan Archipelago Athol Island Y
Oct 28th 2022 Cat Island N
Sep 6th 2022 Green Cay Y
Feb 21st 2022 Grand Bahama Island Tiger Beach N
Feb 10th 2022 N
Jul 11th 2021 N
Oct 30th 2020 Grand Bahama Island East End Point N
May 31st 2020 Abaco Islands NoName Cay N
Jan 30th 2020 Exuma Islands N
Jul 4th 2019 Abaco Islands Great Guana Cay N
Jun 26th 2019 Lucayan Archipelago Rose Island Y
Jun 21st 2019 Abaco Islands N
Jun 17th 2019 Wells Cay N
Nov 9th 2018 Exuma Islands Compass Cay N
Sep 23rd 2018 Abaco Islands Treasure Cay N
Aug 28th 2018 N
Aug 20th 2018 Abaco Islands Carter's Cay N
Aug 15th 2018 Abaco Islands Coco Bay, Green Turtle Cay N
Jul 9th 2018 Exuma Islands Staniel Cay N
Apr 14th 2018 New Providence Nirvana Beach N
Apr 5th 2018 Bimini N
Dec 9th 2017 N
Aug 18th 2017 N
Jul 27th 2017 New Providence Rose Island N
Jul 26th 2017 Grand Bahama Island 40 miles off Grand Bahama Island N
Jun 14th 2017 N
Jun 2nd 2017 New Providence Athol Island N
Mar 9th 2017 Exuma Islands Great Exuma N
Mar 1st 2017 Exuma Islands Compass Cay N
Feb 1st 2017 Bimini N
Aug 7th 2016 New Providence Nassau N
Jul 23rd 2016 Abaco Islands Green Turtle Cay N
Jul 14th 2016 Tiger Beach N
Mar 26th 2016 N
Dec 11th 2015 Off Andros Island N
Jul 4th 2015 Grand Bahama Island Port Lucaya, Freeport N
Jan 6th 2015 Abaco Islands Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay N
Aug 9th 2014 N
Jul 13th 2014 Grand Bahama Island Tiger Beach, West End N
Jun 25th 2014 Abaco Islands N
Nov 10th 2013 Off Cape Eleuthera N
Sep 1st 2013 N
Jul 28th 2013 Abaco Islands Scotland Cay N
Jul 28th 2013 Exuma Islands Compass Cay N
Jul 28th 2013 Abaco Islands Grand Cay N
Mar 21st 2013 Eleuthera Savannah Sound N
Jul 7th 2012 Eleuthera N
Jan 22nd 2012 Cat Island N
Jul 13th 2011 Grand Bahama Island Off Lucaya N
Jan 26th 2011 Grand Bahama Island Tiger Beach, West End N
Oct 2nd 2010 Exuma Islands N
Oct 2nd 2010 Abaco Islands Elbow Cay N
Aug 29th 2010 Exuma Islands Off Jaws Beach, New Providence Island N
Jul 31st 2009 Abaco Islands Spanish Cay N
Jul 11th 2009 N
Mar 6th 2009 Exuma Islands N
Jun 28th 2008 Abaco Islands N
May 24th 2008 Grand Bahama Island Off West End N
Feb 24th 2008 Northern Bahamas Dive site known as The End of the Map Y
Sep 28th 2007 Grand Bahama Island Sweetings Cay N
May 1st 2007 Bimini N
Oct 1st 2006 New Providence Nassau N
Jun 24th 2006 Andros Island Mangrove Cay N
Jan 11th 2006 Grand Bahama Island Sandy Cay N
Oct 3rd 2005 Abaco Islands Grand Cay N
May 18th 2004 Abaco Islands Green Turtle Cay N
Jul 10th 2003 Abaco Islands Bakers Bay N
Jul 4th 2003 Abaco Islands 10 miles west of Walker N
Apr 9th 2002 Abaco Islands Walkers Cay N
Aug 31st 2001 Abaco Islands Grand Cay N
Aug 16th 2001 Grand Bahama Island High Rock, 25 to 30 miles east of Freeport N
Aug 4th 2001 Grand Bahama Island Freeport N
Aug 5th 1999 Abaco Islands Grand Cay N
Aug 15th 1998 Ambergris Cay N
May 26th 1997 Powel Cay N
May 17th 1997 Walkers Cay N
Jul 4th 1996 Bimini Cat Cay N
Jun 24th 1994 Freeport N
Apr 6th 1994 Rum Cay N
Aug 21st 1993 15 miles west of Walkers Cay Matinella Reef, 15 to 20 miles west of Walkers Cay N
Aug 29th 1992 Abaco Islands Double Breasted Cays N
Sep 19th 1991 Bimini N
Jun 23rd 1990 Bimini N
Aug 9th 1989 Exuma Islands Highborn Cay N
Jul 23rd 1988 N
Jul 19th 1988 N
Jul 17th 1988 N
Jul 4th 1988 N
Jul 1st 1988 N
Jul 9th 1987 Sampson Cay N
Jul 1st 1987 N
Dec 6th 1986 Florida Straits Off Cay Sal Banks N
Jul 8th 1983 Abaco Islands Green Turtle Cay N
Jun 22nd 1983 Abaco Islands Off Sandy Point Y
Jun 15th 1983 Carter Cay N

Attacks by region

Attacks by location

  • Nassau (6)
  • Grand Cay (4)
  • Green Turtle Cay (3)
  • Bimini (3)
  • Tiger Beach (3)
  • Compass Cay (3)
  • Middle Bight (2)
  • Cat Island (2)
  • Rose Island (2)
  • Walkers Cay (2)

Attacks by month

  • January (5)
  • February (5)
  • March (5)
  • April (5)
  • May (8)
  • June (15)
  • July (33)
  • August (20)
  • September (8)
  • October (9)
  • November (2)
  • December (3)