1933 Shark attacks

21 attacks recorded (4 fatal)
1933 shark attacks
Date Country Region Location Fatal?  
Jan 4th 1933 Australia Queensland Strand Beach, Kissing Point, Townsville Y
Feb 15th 1933 Australia Torres Strait Barrow Point, 100 miles north of Cooktown, Queensland N
Feb 16th 1933 Australia South Australia Adelaide N
Feb 26th 1933 Australia New South Wales Sydney N
Apr 10th 1933 USA Florida Miami Beach Y
May 3rd 1933 Cuba Habana Province Off Jaimanitas Yacht Club, Havana Y
May 23rd 1933 Australia Queensland Off Stradbroke Island N
May 24th 1933 Barbados Off Pelican Island N
Jun 8th 1933 Australia Queensland Currumbin N
Jun 13th 1933 Australia Northern Territory N
Jun 16th 1933 USA South Carolina Folly Island, near Charleston N
Jun 21st 1933 USA South Carolina North end of Morris Island at mouth of Charleston Harbor N
Jul 3rd 1933 Australia Western Australia Broome N
Jul 7th 1933 USA California San Diego N
Jul 16th 1933 USA South Carolina Charleston N
Aug 26th 1933 USA Connecticut Mystic River N
Aug 28th 1933 USA South Carolina Pawley N
Aug 28th 1933 USA California Hermosa Beach N
Oct 25th 1933 Australia Queensland Off Bloomfield River N
Nov 18th 1933 Australia Queensland Near Barrow Point N
Nov 20th 1933 Australia Torres Strait Near Boydong Cay Y

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