Shark attack at Susami, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

Shark attack details: Susami, Wakayama Prefecture, 15-Jul-2004
Date of attack: Jul 15th 2004
Location: Susami, Wakayama Prefecture
Shark species: 3.5 m [11.5'], 350-kg [772-lb] longfin Mako shark
Name of victim: Yuji Torimi
Age of victim: 51 years old
Sex of victim: M
Activity: Fishing for squid aboard the trawler Shikishima-Maru when the shark leapt into the boat
Injury: Suffered broken ribs when the shark's tail fin slammed into his chest

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Map showing shark attack location and nearby incidents

3.5 m [11.5'], 350-kg [772-lb] longfin mako shark 3.5 m [11.5'], 350-kg [772-lb] longfin Mako shark


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